1999 News

  • Kyowa Hakko USA Offers Long-Term Toxicity Study with Natural Coenzyme Q10

    December 1, 1999 NEW YORK, New York - Kyowa Hakko U.S.A., Inc. is offering an eight-page report on an in-depth study of the long-term toxicity of Natural Coenzyme Q10 (derived from fermentation). The information was published in August, 1999 in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. Prompted by the growing application of CoQ10 as a dietary supplement, the objective of the subject research was to rigorously test the chronic toxicity in an experimental design following principles for the safety assessment of food additives (FDA, 1982). Over a 52-week period, CoQ10 was administered d...

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  • Kyowa Hakko USA Introduces Universal Certificate of Analysis to Aid Manufacturers

    August 1, 1999 NEW YORK, New York - Kyowa Hakko U.S.A., Inc. has introduced a new reporting system designed to provide customers with comprehensive technical and quality assurance data on the company's broad range of raw materials. Kyowa Hakko's Universal Certificate of Analysis will measure materials performance based on JP, USP, EP, and FCC criteria. For over fifty years, product quality, performance and consistency have been paramount to Kyowa Hakko. The new Universal Certificate of Analysis, incorporating manufacturing specifications and product test results in a concise, uniform form...

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  • Kyowa Hakko Celebrates 50th Anniversary

    October 1, 1999 Source: Supplement Industry Executive Even as the new millennium approaches, another milestone must first be noted: the recent 50th anniversary of nutritional ingredient supplier Kyowa Hakko. Founded by Dr. Benzabro Kato in July of 1949, Kyowa Hakko is one of the world's leading manufacturer of amino acids, nucleic acids, bio-products and fine chemicals for dietary supplement, food and pharmaceutical industries. The company, which has its international headquarters in Tokyo, operates in the U.S. from a main office in New York City, with an additional West Coast office l...

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