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Type: L-Amino Acids | Peptides
Application: Supplement & Nutrition

Kyowa’s Setria® Performance Blend is a unique combination of Setria® Glutathione and L-Citrulline backed by research suggesting it may help support and sustain nitric oxide (NO) production post-workout.* Sustained NO levels may lead to reduced fatigue and may support recovery.* Sports Nutrition is one of the hottest categories in the industry. Give your next product the competitive edge you’re looking for with Setria Performance Blend.

A combination of L-citrulline (CIT) and Setria supplementation significantly increased NO levels in HUVECs.

One week of daily oral supplementation with 200 mg of Setria and 2 grams of L-citrulline enhanced NO levels at 30 minutes post-exercise.

Setria® Glutathione + L-Citrulline

  1. Supports NO levels post-workout*
  2. Sustains NO levels post-workout*
  3. Aids in vasodilation to help fuel muscles*


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**Patent Pending

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