Sport Oxylent® with Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine Honored by Health, Natural Product Publications

Workout Supplement Now Available at Whole Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe

Sport Oxylent® with Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine received the Best Sports Nutrition Award 2016 by Delicious Living magazine and received an Editor’s Mention from Remedies magazine.

Sport Oxylent®, manufactured by Vitalah, is now available in The Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide and in Whole Foods Markets in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Pacific, North Atlantic and Florida regions. The workout supplement is also available internationally at 100 Dubai pharmacies and at a variety of independent retailers across the U.S. That’s good news for athletes and health-conscious consumers looking for a way to help increase muscle strength and lower recovery times.*

“I push my body to the limit and only put the best stuff in so that I can get the best out," said Russ Marchewka, professional beach volleyball player and healthy living advocate. “The Sustamine® complex has really made a difference in my recovery time day-to-day, but even hour-by-hour during the days I'm firing on all cylinders. At about $1 per serving, all you have to do is look at the label to see why this supplement needs to be in your gym bag.”

Sport Oxylent® contains 250mg of Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, a dipeptide of glutamine that provides several substantial benefits such as enhanced recovery, immune system support, and increased metabolic rate. On top of these benefits, research suggests that Sustamine® is absorbed more than 200 percent better than standard L-glutamine. This means you get better results while having to use less.*

Muscles must be hydrated and engorged with glycogen. And when it’s all over, the body needs to recover. Sustamine® - a form of glutamine, the most abundant single amino acid in the body – provides essential support during times when the body undergoes large amounts of stress – like during intense weightlifting or dealing with the challenges of everyday life.*

A 30-serving canister of Sport Oxylent® is designed to promote sustained energy & stamina during exertion, inhibit fatigue & muscle breakdown, reduce time and energy needed for recovery, enhance muscle strength and muscle repair, replenish glycogen/energy stores and electrolytes, and support metabolism and weight management.* In addition to Sustamine®, it contains a mix of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants.

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About Vitalah

Vitalah was founded by Lisa Lent as an “invitation to health” born from her passion to create the ultimate supplement for everyday life. Her founding product, Oxylent, is an effervescent multivitamin drink containing a unique blend of essential nutrients that enable the body to function at peak levels. Oxylent, Prenatal Oxylent, Children’s Oxylent and Sport Oxylent are available at health food stores nationwide and online. Purchasing Oxylent products supports Vitamin Angels®—a global non-profit organization that provides under-nourished children with nutritional supplements. Visit, or call 877.OXYLENT (877.699.5368). Find Oxylent on Facebook, Oxylent on Twitter and on Instagram.

About Sustamine

Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine is a stable dipeptide of L-Alanine and L-Glutamine. Sustamine is more easily absorbed by the body than complex protein molecules. This makes Sustamine a highly effective ingredient for hydration, endurance and recovery.* Vegetarian, allergen-free and the only GRAS L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, Sustamine is also tasteless, odorless, and stable in liquids.

Sustamine is an ingredient that works on multiple levels to help rehydrate the body and sustain energy levels during exertion. Sustamine combines L-Glutamine (the most important amino acid for stimulating muscle protein synthesis) and L-Arginine (an amino acid needed for rebuilding your body’s glycogen stores). Sustamine enhances performance and recovery in three primary ways. It helps:

  • Replace lost electrolytes and fluids
  • Repair damaged muscle proteins
  • Refill the body’s energy stores

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About Kyowa Hakko USA

Kyowa Hakko USA is the North and South American office for Kyowa Hakko Bio Co. Ltd., an international health ingredients manufacturer and world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and food products. Kyowa is the maker of branded ingredients including Cognizin® Citicoline, Pantesin® Pantethine, Setria® Glutathione, as well as Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine.

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