Kyowa SoyScience Gains Market Momentum As Soy's Popularity In The U.S. Grows

September 1, 2001

Soy Poised to Hit the Mainstream

Source: Nutritional Outlook

Grown all over the world and a staple in many Asian diets, the soybean is enjoying increasing popularity in the United States. After FDA announced in 1999 that diets low in saturated fats and cholesterol that include 25g of soy protein per day could lower the risk of heart disease, U.S. sales of soy products accelerated dramatically.

Kyowa Hakko USA (New York City) manufactures CSPHP Kyowa SuperSoy, a soy peptide that reduces serum concentrations of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels, according to the company. Kyowa SuperSoy binds enzymatic-decomposed lecithin to hydrolyzed isolated soy protein. In some clinical trials, patients taking 3g of Kyowa SuperSoy per day saw their high cholesterol levels return to normal.

Kyowa SuperSoy remains stable against heat treatments and pH conditions and can be combined with other ingredients, such as proteins, lipids, starches, emulsifiers, and minerals. Kyowa Hakko introduced SuperSoy to America at the Institute of Food Technologies Annual Meeting and Food Expo, in New Orleans, in June, and the global launch took place at the International Congress of Nutrition 2001 in August, in Vienna, Austria.

Excerpted and reprinted with permission.

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