Kyowa SuperSoy Dramatically Reduces Syrum Cholesteral Levels

March 1, 2001

Kyowa Hakko Introduces CSPHP, Serum Cholesterol Reducing "KyowaSuperSoy"

NEW YORK, New York - Kyowa Hakko announced the availability of a new soy peptide food ingredient, KyowaSuperSoy, that significantly reduces serum concentrations of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol to healthy levels.

The new product, CSPHP KyowaSuperSoy, fortifies soy's acknowledged serum-cholesterol reducing properties by binding enzymatic-decomposed lecithin to hydrolyzed isolated soy protein. In clinical trials, patients taking as little as 3 grams of CSPHP KyowaSuperSoy per day saw their high cholesterol levels return to normal.

For food producers, CSPHP KyowaSuperSoy is a safe, cost-effective ingredient suitable for a wide range of products and processing systems. It is stable against pH conditions, heat treatments, and when combined with other components including protein, lipids, starch, emulsifiers, and minerals. CSPHP KyowaSuperSoy also offers improved taste, aroma and texture when compared to soy protein, hydrolyzed soy protein, or lecithin.

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