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Kyowa-Hakko USA and Liquid Health Labs Team Up to Feature Innovative Technology that Delivers the Next Generation of Functional Beverages

May 4, 2007

New York, NY – New York City-based Kyowa Hakko USA and Liquid Health Labs (LHL) of Deerfield, NH, the North American technology license holder for PowerCap®, presented an innovative functional beverage line featuring this new technology and targeting the health and wellness market at SupplySide East at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ, May 1-2.

PowerCap® technology is a two part cap possessing an internal cavity that holds ~2g of dry powder and ~1.7cc of liquid. At the point of consumption, the consumer activates the beverage by twisting PowerCap® and creating their functional beverage.

Featured at SupplySide East was pomegrante flavored Healthy Twist® with a 250mg serving of Cognizin™ brand Citicoline, the premier branded ingredient manufactured by Kyowa Hakko utilizing a proprietary fermentation production technique. Cognizin™ brand Citicoline is recognized as supporting brain performance by enhancing metabolism and healthy brain activity. Clinical trials have shown Cognizin™ is effective for combating the effects of certain neurodegenerative processes, thereby allowing for maintenance of optimal memory function.

PowerCap® and Healthy Twist® are trademarks of Liquid Health Labs. This technology enables the creation of great tasting and highly functional beverages without the need for hot filling or preservatives. By twisting the cap, the consumer releases the powder or liquid mix into a beverage – yielding the freshest and most interactive beverage possible.

“Our alliance with Kyowa brings top quality bioactive ingredients to the end user, while at the same time enabling Kyowa to deliver their solutions in a previously unavailable format,” said Derek Hopkins, president of Liquid Health Labs. “PowerCap® delivers natural ingredients, colors and flavors, into a beverage at the point of consumption.”

“The Healthy Twist® beverage line with PowerCap® technology offers a new and unique concept to employ Kyowa branded ingredients and give our customers the opportunity to try the products in a delivery system other than a standard tablet or capsule,” said Karen Todd, R.D., director of marketing for Kyowa Hakko. “We think this approach will open a pathway of new ideas for supplement and food manufacturers.”

The Healthy Twist® finished beverage line is available for marketing, distribution, and licensing through Liquid Health Labs. PowerCap®/Kyowa solutions are available for distribution and licensing as full finished products, such as the Healthy Twist® beverage line, as filled caps ready for bottling or sale as stand-alone products.

Dr. Kenneth Milligan, executive vice president at Liquid Health Labs added, “In addition to leading to the development of new beverages, PowerCap® has created a new category based on great taste, healthy nutrients, convenience, commuter needs, and fresh friendliness or ‘Ready To Go’ beverage. Consumers are able to get the benefit of efficacious active ingredients with fresh flavors and colors with off-the-shelf convenience."

Kyowa Hakko, maker of the branded ingredients Cognizin™ Citicoline, Kyowa CoQ10™, Lumistor™ L-Hydroxyproline, Hydrafend™ Hyaluronic Acid and Setria™ Glutathione, also offers a line of nucleic acids, bio-products and fine chemicals.

Liquid Health Labs develops a range of products boosted by PowerCap® for companies of various sizes and markets. LHL is partnering with world leading ingredient manufacturers, pre-mixers, flavor houses, private labelers, contract manufacturers, and bottlers to create a network of excellence in delivering PowerCap® solutions.


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