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Serum Cholesterol Reducing Soy Peptide CSPHP Kyowa SuperSoy

June 1, 2001

CSPHP Kyowa SuperSoy is a newly developed soy peptide that significantly decreases serum concentrations of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. It was made by fortifying soy's widely known serum-cholesterol reducing property by binding enzymatic-decomposed lecithin to hydrolyzed isolated soy protein in the ration of 80/20 (wt/wt). The two components are considered to be bonded in a hydrophobic manner.

Animal Testing:
Cross-over tests, using male Wistar rats, indicated that SPHP [fractionated CSPHP] produced the effects of both reducing high cholesterol levels and suppressing cholesterol increases induced by a high cholesterol diet. The rats were divided into two groups and fed diets that contained either casein or SPHP (20% wt/wt, in addition to 0.5% cholesterol diet) for the first 10 days. The SPHP-fed group significantly suppressed the serum cholesterol elevation. After exchanging the diets of the two groups, the elevated level of the former casein-fed group decreased dramatically and returned to the normal level as a result of the SPHP diet.

Clinical Trials:
CSPHP is useful in humans for its ability to normalize the high cholesterol level of hypercholesterolemic patients and also for maintaining serum cholesterol level when ingesting high cholesterol meals. Taking 3 or more grams of CSPHP per day for 3 consecutive months, reduced both the total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol level of hypercholesterolemic patients (265±6.9mg/dl). Both cholesterol levels showed a decrease at the end of a 1 month period of 10.4% and 17.1% (vs. initial), respectively. The maximum reduction for each level was 15% and 27.7% (p<0.05), respectively, at the end of a 3 month period. Oral CSPHP of 3g significantly suppressed the serum total and LDL-cholesterol surge when given to healthy humans (167±7.7mg/dl) receiving a high cholesterol diet (2 egg yolks/day).

- Goro Hori, Yoichiro Sugimura, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Tsunemi Haraguchi, Kohei Yamamoto, Satoshi Nagaoka and Shigeru Yamamoto

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